Mbale Clinical Research Institute


Through this collaboration we remain committed to relevant clinical research that brings solutions to the communities in Uganda, and where applicable beyond the boundaries. Together we stand to develop the relevant capacity in the various fields. Sharing of the resources to optimize outputs has also been a key aspect of our collaboration. Whereas there are some models of research collaborations to emulate from, our unique model that is driven by a common purpose and defined achievable milestones seems to work for us. This on itself has been a centre of learning and admiration by other institutions.

The pragmatic implementation of joint programmes remains a cordial value. Networking with other institutions and persons also bring value to our work and the future of research in Eastern Uganda. Our institutions are both indebted to Mbale Regional Referral & Teaching Hospital for being such an invaluable host.

To the physical and virtual participants at the 2021 University Exhibition, I thank you for taking your precious time and efforts to be with us.

Message from Vice Chancellor Busitema University

prof waako.png

I am delighted to be Vice Chancellor at the time when research is spouting and advancing at Busitema University. At the Faculty of Health Sciences, collaboration with Mbale Clinical Research Institute (MCRI) is strategic for both research and capacity building. The shared vision of being centre of excellence between the two institutions is better for common advancement. It has been a unique experience to work with MCRI. For this initiative, one can safely comment that our research collaborations have been successful. These collaborations are not restricted to research. Capacity building through training, joint grants and joint curricular development are other core area of our collaborations. This collaboration has a very rich treasure for the future of clinical research. The university is proud of its collaborations with MCRI and other similar initiatives.

Professor Paul Waako, MB.Ch.B, MSc., PhD, FUNAS

Vice Chancellor Busitema University