Mbale Clinical Research Institute

Malaria Research

Senior Fellow: Professor Peter Olupot-Olupot, MB.Ch.B, MPH, PhD, SRF, FUNAS Title

Strengthening Malaria Epidemiological, Pathophysiological and Intervention Studies in Highly Endemic Eastern Uganda (MEPIE)


  1. To conduct epidemiological studies on acute kidney injury in childhood severe malaria at Mbale Regional Referral Hospital to characterise the disease over a period of 48months.
  2. To describe the pathophysiology of haemoglobinuric malaria at Mbale Regional Referral Hospital to understanding the disease process.
  3. To study safety and early efficacy of paracetamol in ameliorating acute kidney injury (AKI) in children with severe malaria.
  4. To explore the dose and effect of paracetamol in treatment of renal impairment in children with haemoglobinuric malaria.
  5. To train two junior researchers in malaria research including clinical trials.

Study Design

Prospective cross sectional studies are being conducted for malaria epidemiological and pathophysiological studies. Phase I/II randomised clinical trial will be conducted for evaluation of feasibility, safety and early effectiveness of paracetamol for treatment of AKI


  • Objective 1: Work is ongoing. Over 500 study participants have been recruited.
  • Objective 2: Work is ongoing and detailed descriptions of the pathophysiology of haemoglobinuric malaria in Eastern Uganda is underway.
  • Objective 3: This Phase I/II trial has been registered with, the study will commence as soon as final regulatory clearance from National Drug Authority is secured.
  • Objective 4: Dependent on the roll out of objective 3 above.
  • Objective 5: Two Masters Fellows are being supported through this project. One has completed MPH, the other in final year of MMed Pediatrics.

Funding Information:

This project is part of the EDCTP2 programme supported by the European Union (grant number TMA2016 SF1514 MEPIE Study) to Busitema University.