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Welcome to the department of surgery faculty of health sciences, Busitema University. The Department is at Busitema university Mbale campus situated at new block, Mbale Regional Referral as the teaching Hospital.

We are running two undergraduate courses for students offering bachelor of medicine and bachelor of surgery as approved by the national council of higher education and regulated by the Uganda Medical and dental Practitioners’ Council.

We are in the process of structuring and drafting the Master of Medicine in surgery curriculum.

To provide high standard of training to students in surgical skills, knowledge, attitude and communication


To produce graduates who should be able to demonstrate knowledge, attitude, and communication skills in order to manage common surgical conditions

1) Clerk surgical patients appropriately.

2) Make proper examination of surgical patient.

3) Make proper surgical diagnosis.

4) Request appropriate investigations.

5) Plan surgical treatment.

6) Prepare a patient for surgical treatment.

7) Recognize common post operative complications and be able to treat them or refer the patient when necessary.

8) Make proper follow up.


Undergraduate Programs

MED 4201 Surgery I

This course introduces the student to junior clerkship and clinical methods in surgery.

MED 5202 Surgery II

This is a senior clinical clerkship which introduces the students to senior clinical methods and clerkship to prepare them to manage patients in communities independently.

They should be able to demonstrate appropriate attitudes, ethics and understanding of legal responsibilities.

Laboratory /Clinical / Teaching facilities

Laboratory /Clinical / Teaching facilities

The Mbale Regional Referral and Teaching Hospital is a 400-bedfacility offering both general and specialists’ services. The hospital has the departments of General and Orthopedic Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Paediatrics and Child Health, Otolarryngology, Dental surgery, Internal Medicine, Psychiatry, Ophthalmology. The Surgery department consists of the orthopedic wards (4&5), General surgery ward and high dependency unit (6&7), casualty unit, surgical outpatient unit, one main operating theatre with a plaster room and one casualty theatre. The bed capacity of surgery department is about 100 beds.

The units are equipped and used for training students. The department has a lecture room where the didactic and opportunistic learning takes place.

To aid learning there is free WIFI, dedicate library, use of computers for data management in theatre, intercom telephones, Projector (1 mobile), Lecture rooms, Wards, Theater, Laboratories and fully equipped simulation room that is shared by other departments.

Departmental Staff

Name Designation Contact
DR Balyejusa Jaffer Head of Department surgeonsadiq@gmail.com 0772664835/0704038642
Dr Abingwa John Patrick Lecturer abingwapatrick@gmail.com 0703898035/0772852579
Dr Owori Francis Lecturer o.riwo@aol.com 0782336037/0702644313

Programs and Courses taught

MED 4202: Surgery I

MED 5202: Surgery II

Student enrollment

Year 4: 59

Year 5: 64

Teaching methods / approaches


Tutorials/ problem-based learning sessions

Expert resource sessions

Grand rounds

Clinical practicum (ward rounds, bedside teachings, calls, theatre and specialist clinics)

Virtual lectures

Student involvement and feed back

Each student has a log book which has several clinical scenarios that a student has to carry out under supervision and is assessed at end of the rotation and contributes to progressive assessment.

In addition there two clinical and written progressive assessments which contribute 40%. The end of semester examination which include written, clinical and viva contribute 60%. The pass mark is 50%

Community engagement / Achievements/ Success stories

Summary of community outreaches and engagement

The faculty has MOU with 17 HC IVs and districts for rural placement programs during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd years of study for community practice which includes reproductive maternal and child health services.

Contact of the Department

Department of Surgery

Faculty of Health Sciences Busitema University

P.O Box 1460, Mbale Campus