Dr. Tegu Crispus

Head of Department,


Department Of Pediatrics And Child Health

Welcome Message

The department of pediatrics and child health was established in 2015.You will realize that this was three years after the Faculty of Health sciences had opened its doors in 2013. Prior to that, the students had been studying basic sciences. When they completed and passed basic sciences courses, they were inducted into active clinical Pediatrics and child health. The first intake group was 13 students; these were expected to rotate through the five sub-discipline of pediatrics e.g. general pediatrics, nutrition, neonatology, emergency pediatrics, community pediatrics. These are five to seven (for 5th years) weeks rotations then students sit their end of course examinations and must pass before rotating to next discipline. There will be eight Undergraduate student groups rotating through Pediatrics annually; Let alone the three groups of MPC programmes.

Mission and Objectives

  • Provide clinical knowledge, skills and attitude of excellence to prospective doctors.
  • Induct students to ethical treatment of their clients irrespective of gender, ethinicity, and economic standards
  • To make them appreciate that medical practice is a sacrifice; where you put your clients welfare above else.
  • Endurance in the face of numerous challenges natural, environmental and man made
  • The above are meant to provide Health Care of Excellence to Individuals and Community.

Departmental Staff

Name Designation Contact
Dr Tegu Crispus Head of Department ctegu@yahoo.com chrispus.tegu@gmail.com
Dr Chebet Martin Lecturer martinchebet@yahoo.co.uk
Dr Lucy Lot Educator;(Global Seed) llot@seedglobalhealth.org
Mrs. Proscovia Nabachenje Assistant Lecturer pnabachenje76@gmail.com

Laboratory /Clinical / Teaching facilities

  1. Main hospital laboratory
  2. BUFHS Laboratories
  3. Ward 3 side laboratory
  4. Lancet and MBN private laboratories


  1. WARDS 3, ACU, NEONATOLOGY, NUTRITION UNIT, YCC, CcURE hospital, Mulago nephrology and heart institute, Radiology Unit, Psychiatry Unit
  2. Outreach placement to district and HC 4s

Programs and Courses

Clinical pediatrics and child health I & II

Student enrollment: Year 4 (63) &Year 5 (65)

Teaching methods / approaches: lectures, seminars, tutorials, bed-side teaching, simulated cases, assignments

Student involvement and feedback

Interactive and examination assessment; log-books records

Research and Grants

  1. Parasitic density in severe malaria.
  2. Recrudecesce in malaria same genetic parasite or not
  3. Prevalence of tuberculosis in children aged 0-12 years (Mbarara hospital)
  4. Factors negating adequate adherence to UNEPI vaccination schedules

Community engagement / Achievements/ Success stories

  1. Community placement in COBERS sites for TWO months in year two
  2. Medical Support services in the nursing homes.
  3. Medical support services in Deliquent childrens homes

Contact of the Department



P.O. Box 1460, MBALE

Telephone: 0786319010