Head of Department

Dr. Katongole Fauz


Katongole Fauz (MD).

Lecturer Department of Pathology,

Faculty of Health Sciences,

Busitema University.


Department of Pathology,

Faculty of Health Sciences,

Department of pathology,

Busitema University,

Mbale campus,

P.O. Box.226 Busia, Uganda.

Tel. 0775165416/0706343030.

Email : fauzk3@gmail.com

Education & Qualification :

  1. Masters in Medicine Pathology (Makerere University)
  2. Post graduate diploma project planning & management (UMI)
  3. Bachelors in Medicine & Surgery (MBBS) IUA,Khartoum.
  4. Uganda advanced Certificate of Education (UACE) Kibuli Secondary School
  5. Uganda Certificate of Education (UCE) Kibuli Secondary School.
  6. Primary Leaving Exams (PLE) Ssaza Primary School.

Work Experience:

  1. Assistant Lecturer, Department of Pathology & Physiology
  2. Faculty of health Sciences, Habib Medical School (IUIU), Kibuli Campus
  3. Medical Officer at UMC Victoria Hospital, Bukoto Kampala.
  4. Medical Officer at Kadic Hospital, Bukoto Kampala.

Additional information:

  1. Ag HOD Physiology Department, Faculty of Health Sciences, Habib Medical School, Kibuli Campus, Kampala. (2015 – 2017)
  2. September 2019, Mombasa Kenya: Participant in the African Pediatric Nephrology Association, with seminar in Renal Pathology.
  3. July 2019, Kigali Rwanda: Participant in the 8th Interdisplinary Forensic Summer School on fostering evidence-based Practice in East African region.
  4. January 2017, Johannesburg South Africa: Attended the cytology conference for pathologists, trainee pathologist and cytotechnologist Organized by the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia (RCAP).

Research papers:

  1. Prevalence & Risk factors of Latent PCa and PIN in Uganda. An Autopsy Study. (Submitted; in review).
  2. BRAC1 Protein expression in epithelial Ovarian cancer & associated clinic-pathological features as seen at the department of Pathology, Makerere University

(Pending publication).