Department of Community and Public Health

Goals and Objectives

The goal of the Department is to train public health specialists who can provide leadership in addressing national and regional health care challenges form the integrated community, clinical, preventive and health promotion health perspective.


  1. To strengthen the capacity to implement health programs at national and sub-national levels in Uganda
  2. To create a pool of public health trainees with skills to design, implement and evaluate health interventions
  3. To strengthen the collection and utilization of health information to improve the quality of health services
  4. Strengthen the model of Public Health training that focuses on student-centred learning and academic independence.
  5. To strengthen the capacity for implementing health services at the district level;
  6. To provide leaders with the capacity and skills to meet the demands arising from the decentralization policy of the Ugandan Government;
  7. To strengthen the capacity to carry out Public Health research;
  8. To strengthen the capacity of trainees to deliver quality health services;
  9. To prepare public health practitioners to work within an integrated multidisciplinary, multi-sectoral health system
  10. To enhance the capacity to contribute to reduction of morbidity and mortality;
  11. To promote linkages between Busitema University and the Ministries providing health services;
  12. To increase the awareness and appreciation of the importance of public health as a means to enhance the attractiveness of careers in public health;
  13. To promote linkages between institutions providing public health training, locally, regionally and worldwide.