Department Of Biochemistry And Molecular Biology

Since Busitema University Faculty of Health Sciences runs integrated curricula, the Staff in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department are enthusiastically engaged in teaching basic science through problem based learning to probe fundamental principles of the behaviours of molecules and cells as well as the organization of biological systems. Our faculty is also involved in promising applied research, identifying scientific solutions to pressing problems in areas such as medicine, energy production, environmental concerns and agriculture. Our interests are wide-ranging and yet complementary. We engage with researchers across partner universities, pursuing interdisciplinary projects to creatively solve problems.

The department is dedicated to educating the next generation of scientists and health professionals. We are the departmental home to students from three undergraduate and two postgraduate programmes, namely: Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Science in Nursing and Bachelor of Science in Anesthesia and Master of Medicine in Internal Medicine and Master of Medicine in Paediatrics and Child Health respectively. We are actively involved in efforts to transform teaching and learning within Busitema University Faculty of Health Sciences to best promote the production of a fresh generation of critical and creative scholars who will find success in advancing scientific solutions to societal problems.

We engage with the larger scientific community within the region and public to promote and improve scientific delivery. For example, we host distinguished professors, senior lecturers and visiting examiners each year to oversee the programmes and examination processes, outline strengths in the processes, identify gaps or challenges and how to address them at the departmental level. We are also planning to set up a specialized diagnostic unit in clinical biochemistry for patients within the community alongside upcoming research projects in the departmental laboratory.

I wish to welcome new members as well as encourage contract staff to renew their contracts promptly as we strive to attain our goal of ‘’Pursuing Excellence”.

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