Dr. Gavamukulya Yahaya (PhD, MSc, BSc)

Head of Department,


Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

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Welcome to the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology of Busitema University Faculty of Health Sciences. We are a team of more than 7 faculty members who work together with a dedicated research and professional staff as well as undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate trainees to advance our scientific, educational and service goals. We are, however, currently working below the required staff establishment and the need for recruitment of more staff members to fill the gaps remains paramount.

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Departmental Staff

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Dr. Gavamukulya Yahaya (PhD, MSc, BSc) Head of Department Mobile: +256 (0) 776 869 784 | +256 (0) 703 897 613 Email: gavayahya@fhs.busitema.ac.ug | gavayahya@yahoo.com Social Media: twitter | facebook | LinkedIn | Skype_ gavayahya1 |
Prof. Sangjin Stephen Kang (PhD, MSc, BSc) Visiting Professor Mobile: +256 (0) 785 873 038 Email: skang@fhs.busitema.ac.ug | a24803849@gmail.com
Dr. George Wilson Khaukha (PhD, MSc, BSc, AIMLS) Part-time Lecturer Mobile: +256 (0) 759 866 624 Email: gwkhaukha@fhs.busitema.ac.ug | gwkhaukha@yahoo.com
Mr. Okalang Uthman(MSc, MSc, BSc. Educ) Lecturer Mobile: +256 772 968176 E-Mail address: okalang.uthman@fhs.busitema.ac.ug Alt. Email address: okalang.uthman@yahoo.com
Mr. Oboth Paul (BBLT, MPH, FAIMER SAFRI FELLOW-HPE) Chief Technologist Mobile: +256 (0) 772 513 331 Email: obothpl@gmail.com poboth@fhs.busitema.ac.ug
Mr. Khaukha Desderio Senior Laboratory Technician Mobile: +256 782 932299 or 0702 932299 Email: kdesderio@fhs.busitema.ac.ug kdesderio@yahoo.com
Ms. Baseke Joy Oketcho Laboratory technician Personal: basekejoy@yahoo.com/ joymukisaok@gmail.com Official: basekejoy@fhs.busitema.ac.ug
Mr. Ahimbisibwe Octavious Laboratory Assistant E-mail: octavimust@gmail.com Institutional email: octahimbisibwe@fhs.busitema.ac.ug Mobile: +256 (0)779 790 825



The following facilities are available within the Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Department.

● Biochemistry teaching Laboratory, this is well equipped with essential materials for use in practical teaching. It is routinely shared with Pharmacology and also referred to as the Biochemistry and Pharmacology Natural Products Laboratory

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Members in the Department are routinely involved in a number of projects both internally within the University as well as externally. Most of the projects are in the areas of Cancer biology, Natural products, Bioprospecting, Molecular diagnostics, Molecular Biology, Molecular Microbiology and Epidemiology of both human and livestock diseases, Green nanobiotechnology, Infectious Diseases, Drug discovery and development, Laboratory systems strengthening, Health Professionals Education among others.