Dr. Afodun Adam Moyosore

Head of Department,


Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology

Welcome Message:

A warm reception as we strive to Pursue Excellence by ethical teaching of Gross Systemic and Regional, Medical embryology, Histology, and Applied-Anatomy to medical students in a holistic and professional manner. We are a diverse mix of people all focused on delivering the best in teaching and research in anatomy and cell biology. Read More

Our Mission

To provide high quality teaching of Anatomical Sciences to Medical students and advance empirical research that integrates critical thinking across scientific disciplines and application of modern technologies.

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Departmental Staff

Name Designation Contacts
Dr. Afodun Adam Moyosore Head of Department +256754792056 afodunadam@yahoo.com
Dr. Malinga Raymond Joseph Lecturer +256772672073 malinga.raymond@gmail.com
Mr. Kairania Emmanuel Lecturer +256774394522/ +256702238423 kairaniaemma@gmail.com
Mr. Mutumba George Merry Senior Technical personnel +256705054266 nabmerrylin12@gmail.com
Ms. Okori Hilder Ass Lecturer +256773447543 hilderokori@gmail.com


Gross Anatomy and Histology Laboratory: Equipped with Light microscopes, prosthetic models, mounted-slides, macerated bones and cadavers.







Teaching methods / approaches

Lecturing, Tutorials, seminars, Demonstrations, dissection practical, Ground round and clinical exposure

Student involvement and feed back

LMS, Discussion forums, Student lead seminars

Selected Publications

  1. Ayinde TO, Ojulari LS, Afodun A.M (2021) Chronic administration of propolis improves plasma levels of nitric oxide, calcium and cyclic guanosine monophosphate in selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors-induced erectile dysfunction in male Wistar rats. Khartoum Medical Journal, vol 14 (1) 2021.

2. Imam A, Salaudeen BO, Afodun A.M (2021) Chlorpyrifos impaired cerebellar oxidative and cholinesterase activities in rats: Mitigating efficacy of Nigella sativa Oil. Nepal J of Neuroscience 2021; 18 (2): 15-22.

  1. Ojulari LS, Abubakar A, Afodun. (2021) Curcumin ameliorates alcohol-induced impaired locomotive activity of male mice (2021). International J of Biomedical and Health Sciences, Vol.17, no1, 2021.
  2. Malinga RJ, Madewo G, Afodun A.M (2021) A survey on Idiopathic congenital talipes equinovarus (ICTEV) managed by the Ponseti technique at Mulago Hospital-Uganda Pan African Med Journal, vol 38, article 397- 1.
  3. Afodun A.M, Quadri KK, Malinga RJ, Wandabwa J (2020) Sonographic presentation acute hematometra and massive hematocolpos in a pubertal girl: A case report. Journal of Biomedical Sciences, 7(2):58-63

Contact of the Department

Department of Human Anatomy and Cell biology

Busitema University, Faculty of Health Sciences, P.O Box, 1460, Mbale, Uganda

Email: anatomy@fhs.busitema.ac.ug