Dr. Fred Bulamba,MMed Anaesthesia (MUK)

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Department of Anaesthesia and Critical Care

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The Department of Anaesthesia and Critical Care is one of the departments at the Busitema University Faculty of Health Sciences (BUFHS). It is at the forefront of developing and delivering excellent training, clinical service, and research in Africa.

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Medical Simulation Training Centre

The department is at the forefront of Simulation Medical Education in the country with a dedicated and modern Medical Simulation Training Centre, the first of its kind in eastern Uganda. Together with other partners in simulation medical education, the department has spearheaded the establishment, development, and utilization of simulation medical education in the Faculty of Health Sciences.

The Simulation Training Centre has been very instrumental in skills training of students at the Faculty of Health Sciences. It has also been used for continued and refresher training of in-service anaesthesia providers in the region, a move that is aimed at improving provision of quality and safer anaesthesia care in the country.

Research and Global Health Innovation

The department is a major global health hub. It brings together several key players in training and research from around the world. These have worked together with the department through collaborations and partnerships on a wide range of projects including training of fellows and other regional and international trainees in perioperative global health, development and conduct of training programs in anaesthesia education, perioperative research and quality improvement projects, establishment, and support of critical care within hospitals among other things.

Some of our partners include:

Elgon Acute Care Research Unit (ELACRU)

The department established the Elgon Acute Care Research Unit in August 2020. The purpose of this was to build excellent research capacity in the areas of perioperative, critical, and acute care medicine. With mentoring from Queen Mary University of London, the research unit is currently managing five major research grants and projects and is supporting two PhD students.

Dr. Juliana Nanimambi Research Fellow and Research Manager (ELACRU)

Quality Improvement in partnership with the Ministry of Health

The Department of Anaesthesia and Critical Care, BUFHS together with the Department of Anaesthesia of Mbale Regional Referral Hospital has played a crucial role in the improvement of the quality of patient care in Mbale Regional Referral Hospital. Some of the major projects which the department has carried out with support and collaboration with the Ministry of Health include establishment of the first Surgical High Dependency Unit in the region, development of Critical Care Services in the hospital, improvement in access to and use of oxygen therapy, and implementation of digital health solutions to track and understand patient care and outcomes in the hospital.

Departmental Staff

Name Designation Contact
Dr. Fred Bulamba Head of Department, Senior Lecturer mailto:fbulamba@fhs.busitema.ac.ug https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Fred_Bulamba https://www.facebook.com/fred.bulamba.3
Dr. Adam Hewitt-Smith Honorary Lecturer mailto:a.hewittsmith@fhs.busitema.ac.ug https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=TzDAOJUAAAAJ&hl=en
Dr. John Paul Ochieng, Lecturer mailto:jpochieng@fhs.busitema.ac.ug https://twitter.com/ochie_paul
Dr Charles Kojjo Lecturer mailto:charleskojjo@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/charles.kojjo
Mr. Herbert Kiwalya Simulation Laboratory Technician mailto:kherbert@fhs.busitema.ac.ug https://twitter.com/herbert_kiwalya

Other members of the research team

Clinical research assistants:

Mr. Martin Sejja

Miss Madinah Nalubega

Miss Loretta Ssewanyana

Mr. Maiga Ayub Hussein

Miss Lucy Ruth Adong

Mr. Bernard Emacu

Mr. Charles Mugume

Non-clinical research assistants:

Miss Nansubuga Hadija

Miss Joanitah Nakibuule

Miss Mary Kabaleta

Our partner-site trainers

Dr. Fred Musana, MMed Anaesthesia.

Honorary Lecturer (Busitema University – Faculty of Health Sciences)

Consultant Anaesthetist (Mbale Regional Referral Hospital)

Anaesthesiologist (Cure Children’s Hospital, Mbale)

Dr. Betty Nantongo, (MMed Anaesthesia)

Anaesthesiologist (Cure Children’s Hospital, Mbale)

Dr. Aggrey Lubikire MMed Anaesthesia, FCC, and FOA.

MOSG Anaesthesia (Jinja Regional Referral Hospital)

Part-time Lecturer (Busitema University – Faculty of Health Sciences)

Dr. Eric Odwar, (MMed Anaesthesia)

Anaesthesiologist (St. Mary’s Lacor Hospital)

Dr. Mary Juliet Nampawu, (MMed Anaesthesia)

Anaesthesiologist (Masaka Regional Referral Hospital)

Dr. Joseph Kiwanuka Kyobe, (MMed Anaesthesia)