Head of Department

Dr. Joseph Kirabira


An ambitious, enthusiastic and hardworking psychiatrist who trained from Mbarara University of Science and technology (MUST) for both undergraduate and post graduate studies. He has excellent clinical skills with more than five-year experience in medical practice and teaching. He was also a research fellow with the Mbarara University Research Training Initiative (MURTI). His mission is to improve mental health nationally and internationally through acquiring as much necessary knowledge in this field as possible and passing it on to other people. He has great interest in research that is grounded in his desire to find new knowledge and innovations that are highly needed to keep pace with the fast evolving science world. Having held several leadership positions, Joseph attained great organizational, conflict resolving and leadership skills, which he can confidently adapt and use in different situations including crisis management. He has worked with several universities in resource-limited area within Uganda such as Gulu University and has travelled to several resource limited and war raging areas hence can easily work in different socioeconomic, cultural and political settings. During his career and training, he has been able to work with different special-need groups such as refugees, special needs children (disabled) the elderly and children with neuropsychiatric disorders such as epilepsy and HIV/AIDS. He has such a rich teaching and clinical service experience as well as great passion for mental health which have positively impacted mental health training at Busitema University Faculty of Health Sciences.

Publications: ORCiD; https://orcid.org/0000-0001-6400-8552


Mobile telephone: +256703032703, +256775470542.

E-mail address: kirabirajoseph64@gmail.com