Senior Lecturer

Dr. George Wilson Khaukha (PhD, MSc, BSc, AIMLS)


Dr. Khaukha is a biochemist who earned his top level qualification through continuous up-grading studies sponsored by his employers based on demonstrated excellent professional performances as an employee. His first degree was based on a 3-2-2 study (Chemistry, Mathematics, and Cell biology) in the first year; Biochemistry and Chemistry in the second year and finally, Biochemistry and Chemistry in the third and final year at Makerere University, Kampala, Uganda. He earned his Master’s degree in Biochemistry from Nairobi University by research alone: research topic: “Characterization and identification of haemolytic Factors in rodents infected with trypanosomes. His PhD was based on affirmation studies that Free Fatty Acids are haemolytic in vivo in the absence of albumin, demonstrating the importance of albumin in the safe transport of free fatty acids after digestion and during transport in blood to body cells in humans and animals. Dr. Khaukha’s professional achievements are spelt out very clearly in his CV provided herein.

Selected Publications

  1. George W Khaukha and R. Ramasamy, 1981. Haemolytic Activity of Trypanosomes. East African Medical Journal, vol. 58, no. 12, Dec. 1981
  2. George W Khaukha, Onesmo ole-MoiYoi, J.D. Lonsdale-Eccles.

Trypanosome Phospholipases (an abstract) presented at the U.S.A. Scientific Federation Proceedings. 1984

  1. E.M. Eugui, D.L. Emery, G. Buscher and G.W. Khaukha. 1983. Specific and non-specific Cellular Immune Response to Theileria c. Parva in cattle, in

Advances in The Control of Theileriosis (immunology). May 1991.

  1. George W Khaukha, Mehmet Simsek 2007. Fatty Acids are Haemolytic to Human Erythrocytes (Submitted to Medical Principles and Practice, Kuwait University Medical Journal, September 2007).

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